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Russia + Europe.
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The 40 days of this exciting itinerary are split into 6 pages, about 6 dys per page. Each page carries as well a number of pictures illustrating the key cities on the route. You can navigate freely between pages, or you can download the whole itinerary as one PDF document and print it out.

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Golden Ring of Russia
Moscow and St. Petersburg
Russia plus Europe

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Russia + Europe

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Russia - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Chech Republic - Austria - Germany - Italy - Monaco - France - Spain - Holland - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Russia (1100 km or 7000 miles)

Day 1. Russia.
St. Petersburg
Arrive in St. Petersburg. Airport transfer to hotel or camp ground.
Excursion: Saint Petersburg by night.

Day 2. Russia.
St. Petersburg
City bus tour. Free time.

Day 3. Russia, Estonia.
St. Petersburg Estonia (Tallinn, Parnu), 330 km.
RV to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia: Hightown, Dome Cathedral, Statehouse.
Camp near Tallinn.

Day 4. Estonia, Latvia.
Tallinn Riga, Latvia Yurmala. 320 km.
Drive to Riga, the capital of Latvia, by a scenic road along the Gulf of Riga.
Walk old downtown of Riga: Dome Cathedral, The House of Blackheads, St. Peters Cathedral.
Move to the Baltic Sea resort town of Yurmala. Enjoy the nightlife. Camp in Yurmala.

Day 5. Latvia, Lituania.
Yurmala - Kaunas, Lithuania - Lake Vyshtenetzkoye. 430 km.
Relax and enjoy a morning at the Baltic beach resort.
Drive through Lithuania, enjoy the sights of Kaunas, a major Lithuanian city.
Camp by crystal-clear Lake Vyshtenetzkoye, a favorite place for fish spearing tournaments.

Day 6. Lithuania, Poland.
Lake Vyshtenetzkoye Warsaw, Czestochowa, Poland. 500 km.
Enter Poland, drive through Warsaw and enjoy the views of the capital of Poland.
RV to Czestochowa, a religious capital of Poland. Walk to Jasna Gora Monastery, where a revered icon of the Black Madonna is housed.
Camp in Czestochowa.

Day 7. Poland.
Czestochowa Krakow.150 km.
Excursion to the religious complex of Czestochowa.
RV to Krakow, a major Polish city. Krakow by night: market place, Mariatz Cathedral, Vavel Castle. Walk old park alleys called Plants around the downtown Stare Miasto.
Camp at a camp ground near Krakow.

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Glossary of Russian terms and expressions.