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Russian Standard is orginizing a Motor Homes Expedition across Russia. It will cruise about 7,000 miles from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg and blaze a trail for a new annual RV route. This first-ever 45-day RV Rally will take place in the summer of 2012 under the motto The Roads That Connect Us, and is dedicated to closer business interaction between the USA and Russia.

The route goes through the most interesting cities and towns of Russia, mountain rangers, Siberian wildwoods, worlds largest fresh water reservoir Lake Baikal, beautiful plains and great rivers of Mid Russia.

The travelers will meet a range of different ethnicities including the Buriats, the Jews in the Russian Jewish Autonomous Region in the Far East, the Bashkir, the Tartars etc.

This route is by no means an easy one. Russian roads leave much to be desired and have very little infrastructure: there won't be many McDonald's Drive-Thrus in Siberia... Most of the sleepovers will take place in the wilderness rather than in specialized campings that Americans are used to. Although theoretically the Trans-Russia Highway is claimed to be asphalted, certain portions of it in Siberia are reported more like dirt roads. The expedition will be quite trying both on Recreation Vehicles and on their riders.

This maiden route so far has never been driven through by North American motor home travelers. German and French motorists drove parts of it, but never the whole route from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea. The travelers will be offered a variety of exciting sightseeing tours in historical Russian cities along the route.

The first caravan is expected to comprise at least 20 and not more than 30 motor homes from North America, to be shipped by sea from the United States West Coast to Russia and then returned back to the East Coast from a Baltic Port. A support team of 8 Russian organizers and guides will accompany the RV travelers during the expedition..

We are looking forward to your feedback. The sign up will continue till March 2013, or until we have fill up the rostern, 15 RVs maximum. And of course, sponsors are invited - this will be a great opportunity to present your brands to the Russian Federation.

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Golden Ring of Russia
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Vladivostok - Lake Baikal - Moscow (10500 km / 7000 miles)

Main cities schedule.

Duration: 45 days
RVs are shipped by sea.

Three days in Vladivostok
1.Vladivostok -  Khabarovsk 762 km, 8,5 hours
                Intermediate: Spask-Dalny – Dalnerechensk – Bikin
2. Khabarovsk - Birobidjan (Jewish Republic) 176 km, 2 hours
3. Birobidjan – Belogorsk, 472 km, 5 hours
                Intermediate: Obluchye, 145 km from Birobidjan
4. Belogorsk – Skovorodino, Amur Oblast, 549 km, 7,5 hours
Intermediate: Svobodny 55 km  , Shimanovsk 89 km, Tygda, 344 km
5. Skovorodino – Mogocha, Chita Oblast, 333 km, 4 hours
6. Mogocha – Nerchinsk, 384 km, 4 hours
7. Nerchinsk – Chita, 345 km, 4 hours
8. Chita – Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic), 684 km, 8 hours
9. Ulan-Ude – Irkutsk (Lake Baikal), 448 km, 5 hours
Two days on Lake Baikal
10. Irkutsk – Tulun, 390 km 4,5 hours
11. Tulun – Krasnoyarsk, 650 km, 8 hours
12. Krasnoyarsk – Novosibirsk, 789 km, 10 hours
               Intermediate: Achinsk- Mariinsk – Kemerovo (515 km)
13. Novosibirsk – Barabinsk, 327 km, 4 hours. Lake Chany
14. Barabinsk – Omsk (336 km) or Ishim (650 km)
15. Ishim – Tumen, 297 km, (4 hours)
16. Tumen – Perm (682 km)
17. Perm – Kazan (543 km)
18. Chelyabinsk – Ufa (Bashkir)
19. Ufa – Kazan (Tatar)
One day in Kazan
20. Kazan - Nizhni Novgorod (400 km) - Vladimir (240 km)
22. Vladimir – Moscow (185 km)
Two days in Moscow
23. Moscow – St. Petersburg (687 km)
Two days in St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg – Turku, Finland: 392 km


We may have an opportunity to take a short one-night-one-day side trip to China. It would involve getting a Chinese visa, though. We can decide it by public vote later when the group is formed.

Glossary of Russian terms and expressions.