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Smirnoff Vodka Museum in Myshkin

Vodka Museum

Currently we are offering the 4 above itineraries, which in our opinion have most demand. However, we are more than eager to accommodate special agendas that RV clubs or groups may suggest. For example, a tour from Moscow to Lake Baikal would be an exciting RV adventure.

On the one hand, we need at least 8 - 10 Rvs to make the trip feasible.

On the other hand, we cannot take more than 15 vehicles, or the caravan will get too hard to manage. So it is only up to 15 Rvs for the whole of the United States - hence, first come first serve.

We did our best to is split into segments of 200-300 km, so that you arrive in a new place fresh and ready to enjoy the new sites and impressions. However, there still are a couple of spans that are closer to 500 km, or 300 miles. This means that we have not found an adequate or interesting enough camping site to spend the night at.

It is not exactly a guided city tour or a Caribbean cruise where you buy your voucher and do nothing after that. We are going on a adventure tour, and want to build a team of us all as early as possible, so the earlier you commit to the trip the better.

We also want to interact with the participating RVier to customize the itinerary to their needs and wishes and build a team.

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Pushkin Town

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Where do I start?

1. Please contact us as soon as you decide you might want to RV Russia and/or Europe and tell us which itinerary interests you most.

2. Once you commit a particular trip, we shall require a deposit. We need at least 8 vehicles in a caravan. Once we have filled up a minimum in the tour roster, we shall confirm it and lock in the schedule.

3. You book your air tickets and get a Russian visa. We shall be glad to help you with either or both. Delta, Aeroflot and Transaero have regular direct flights from the U.S. to Russia.

4. You pay the balance due.

5. If you have special requests, you let us know, and we make necessary arrangements.

6. You arrive, and we meet you at the airport. Tour begins!

Glossary of Russian terms and expressions.